About Us

Asiphileni-Let's Live - Medical Supplies

In 2006, Mr Johannes Phuphuma started Asiphileni Medical Supplies.

He acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience working at Cliniserve and Profmed, as a driver,

then as a warehouse manager and a sales representative, at Cliniserve and Professional Medical Supplies trading as Profmed.

With his enthusiasm and potential his boss at Profmed encouraged him to start his own as Profmed was moving to Cape Town.

With the support of Profmed, Asiphileni Medical Supplies was born.

Our Products - let us be Alive

Our primary business is to supply medical supplies to the medical industry, frail care, funeral parlors and body art industry. On special request we supply other products according to our clients' special needs. Our products range from disposable medical supplies, such as syringes, examination gloves, BP cuffs, gauze swabs, etc, to medical related equipment such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, etc. We also supply to other industries, such as funeral parlors, health and beauty spars, etc. To the latter industries we supply products such as aprons, gloves, body bags, etc.

Our Vision

Our vision at Asiphileni is to be a credible, reliable and trusted National brand and to Serve our Country.

Our Mission

To achieve our vision, we plan to open offices nationally and then move globally. The main area of focus for Asiphileni is to supply the health industry, such as Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, GPs, etc. with different types of medical related disposable requirements and equipment.